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Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd is based at the Group's Head Office in Flimby, Cumbria. This Holdings Company is where the in-house business support services are located and play a crucial role, contribution and support to the continuing success of the Group.  

Following The Thomas Armstrong Group’s rapid expansion, it underwent a reorganisation in 1964. This resulted in Thomas Armstrong Limited becoming a Holding Company, where it is still known today as Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd. Other subsidiary companies were then established to cover the diverse range of products and services.

Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd employs competent and well-motivated people with expertise, knowledge and experience in their specific areas. The Group's in-house business support services includes:

  • Board of Directors
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Accounting, Credit Control and Payroll
  • Security and Compliance
  • Health and Safety

Although the functions are spilt into specialist departments, everyone continues to communicate and work closely together, supporting each other individually and as a whole team. They also play a key role in ensuring the high level of customer service to The Group's our clients and customers.

Other departments who are also based at The Group's Head Office include:

Many of these departments also have additional offices and manufacturing plants based around Cumbria and the North of England.

The Head Office is also the registered / company house address for all companies within the Group.

Our Core Business Services

Our business support includes Board of Directors, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Accounting, Credit Control and Payroll, Security and Health and Safety. Although the functions are spilt into specialist departments, everyone continues to communicate and work closely together, supporting each other individually and as a whole team.

Senior Management

The Senior Management at Thomas Armstrong Group have a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge of the construction industry and building products. As a family run business, this key management team are responsible for the planning, directing and management of the Group, to maximise the business’ efficiency, productivity and performance, including short and long-term business strategies and objectives.

Keith Denham - Chief Executive

David Atkinson - Deputy Chief Executive and Managing Director of of Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd

Anthony Denham - Director and Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd and Thomas Armstrong (Aggregates) Ltd

Nicky Clifford - Director and Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Ltd

Paul Armstrong - Financial Director and Company Secretary

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is paramount in the Construction industry, not just to our employees and clients, but also as a duty to the public. Therefore, looking after Health and Safety is not just good business sense and practice, but it is also the team’s top priority in promoting positive wellbeing and enforcing safe working practices across the whole Group and its clients to protect everyone involved.

The team are specialists in their industry ensuring the Group is fully compliant with health and safety law via inspection, investigations, policies, and procedures. They also provide valuable and key support, information and training to all employees and management, particularly in the recent challenging times.

Security and Compliance

This specialist department provides vital support, reassurance and safety amongst its employees and clients. With 24/7 surveillance and monitoring at all our offices and major construction sites, this trusted, reliable service provides a key advantage as to why you should choose Thomas Armstrong Group for your next build project.

This highly skilled team also carries out other duties include inspecting buildings, access points, permitting entry, prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities, informing violators of policy and procedures.

human resources 3 people in interview

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department consists of a dedicated, impartial team who offer confidential support by overseeing various aspects of employment for the Thomas Armstrong Group. The approachable and friendly team offer clear practical advice to all current and future employees and management.

Their diverse portfolio includes recruitment and hiring of new personal, employee training and development, people and change management, policy and guidelines development and compliance with associated government regulations.

Accounting, Credit Control and Payroll

Our experienced Accounting department covers all aspects of accounting, auditing, credit control and payroll. This highly skilled team manage the cashflow and day to day payments ensuring it remains efficient and accurate to support the running of the business and its continued success.

This trusted, customer focussed service supports the Thomas Armstrong Group with a broad range of duties including financial planning, reporting and controls, investments, acquisitions, cash management, support with strategic decisions, auditing, and accounting.

Information Technology

Our highly skilled Information Technology (IT) department covers vital support, administration, development and installation of telecommunications and computer systems for the Group. This also features high security and full protection of the network and company data through enforced policies, protocols, and procedures to prevent any potential threats to the business.

Based at the headquarters in Flimby, this customer focussed, technical support ensures that each department runs smoothly on a day to day basis. This service is not just available to the Group’s Head Office, but to all employees located within Thomas Armstrong’s offices and construction sites across the North of England.

This dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced team continue to remain up to date with the latest industry’s technologic advances all designed to strength the Group’s position.

Website and Marketing

Our in-house Marketing Department provides vital support in the coordination, management, and delivery of all aspects of marketing for the Group. Whether this is through awareness of the Group as a business, or driving sales of the subsidiary companies’ products and services.

Other aspects include website content and management, search engine optimisation (SEO), coordinating and producing promotional material digitally and in print, social media, branding and working with external clients and freelancers.

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