Our Environment, Sustainability and Quality Commitment

As a diverse and widespread organisation, we are aware of the potential impact that our operations may have on the environment and are continually assessing this with a view to minimising any effects. The Thomas Armstrong Group is fully committed to minimising the impact of all of its operations on the environment.

This commitment includes the following:

Our full list of objectives can be found in our Environment Policy Statement below.

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Each department within the Group has their own dedicated page to highlight the certifications, policies and reports. For more information visit:

Quality Management

A key to our success and longevity as a company lies in the consistency of the quality of our products and services. We recognise that quality is key to satisfying our existing customers and to attracting potentially new ones. With this in mind, we operate stringent quality control measures at all of our operations.

Through this we can:

Accreditations & Recognitions
Thomas Armstrong Group work to the highest standards and quality on all our project not matter how small or large. To ensure we also meet industry standards and to show our dedication to the construction and building materials industry we have a dedicated page to show the associations and memberships for the products we manufacturer and the services we offer.
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