Carbon Reduction

It is the policy of the Thomas Armstrong Group of companies to reduce our environmental impact wherever practicable. We recognise that our group consists of diverse manufacturing and supply operations whose energy intensity and emissions provide opportunities to make a significant positive improvement on our overall environmental impact. Our goal is to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050 in line with international targets.

To achieve these goals, the Thomas Armstrong Group will:

Actions currently being developed include:

  • Minimising our emissions by improving operational efficiencies and investing in innovative technologies and approaches to reduce our resource consumption and the waste that we generate.
  • Switching to low-carbon / renewable energy sources wherever possible.
  • Working with our suppliers to understand the opportunities to improve our supply chain carbon footprint.
  • Maintaining vehicles and energy-intensive plant and equipment in an energy/fuel efficient manner.
  • Ensuring that energy efficiency is a key component of any major capital expenditure projects, especially those relating to vehicles, premises, plant and equipment.
  • Raising awareness of our energy efficiency targets amongst our employees and clients.
  • Sourcing energy efficient and sustainable raw materials and services for use in our operations.
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Environment, Sustainability and Quality
As a diverse and widespread organisation, we are aware of the potential impact that our operations may have on the environment and are continually assessing this with a view to minimising any effects. The Thomas Armstrong Group is fully committed to minimising the impact of all of its operations on the environment.
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