Board of Directors

"The success we have achieved since 1830 owes much to the dedication of the people we have employed. The drive and determination that characterises today's front line management is reflected throughout all of the Group. All senior management are active participants in the day to day operations and are always available to answer problems and queries.
The availability of senior management ensures that the wishes of all clients and customers are paramount and receive prompt and personal attention.

The investment the Group has made in people and their working environment whether it be in the various company premises or the construction sites throughout the North of England reflect the Group’s commitment to quality in all we build, produce or service.

Given continued reasonable trading conditions the expansion and prosperity of Thomas Armstrong will continue in the years ahead reflecting it’s nearly 200 year history."

JK DenhamGroup Managing Director / Chief Executive

Keith Denham
Chief Executive
David Atkinson
Deputy Chief Executive and Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd
Nicky Clifford
Group Director and Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Ltd
Anthony Denham
Group Director and Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd and (Aggregates) Ltd
Paul Armstrong
Director & Company Secretary