Valuing Our Employees

At Thomas Armstrong Group, we strive to encourage a climate of progress, opportunity and fairness, intending to motivate individuals to grow within the business, taking account of their personal goals and individual abilities.

Our people are the most important asset, they are key to the high level of service and quality we provide to our clients and customer base.  Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!

Our Benefits and Incentives

Below highlights our standard employee benefits when working at The Thomas Armstrong Group. However, some incentives may be vary depending on the role you are offered and experience.

Competitive Salary

The Thomas Armstrong Group endeavours to offer competitive salaries to recruit the most talented people for our company to reinforce our competitiveness within the industry based on skills, knowledge and experience. In some instances, bonus and/or profit sharing schemes are in place.

Membership of our pension scheme

The Thomas Armstrong Group operates two contributory pension schemes with The People’s Pension and Aviva.  We will comply with the employer pension duties in respect of encouraging auto-enrolment if employee meets the eligibility criteria.

Generous Holiday Allowance

Variations may occur depending on the subsidiary company, but The Thomas Armstrong Group offers a minimum 21 days per annum for full-time employees and pro rata for part-time employees (plus 8 days bank holiday). This may increase with long service recognition.

Learning and Development

Each person is valued within The Thomas Armstrong Group, so we ensure we take time to understand your career ambitions and future aspirations. We provide personal Learning and Development opportunities, as well as professional training to support your career progress.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is paramount in our industry, not just to our employees and clients, but also as a duty to the public. Looking after Health and Safety is not just good business sense and practice, but it is also our top priority in promoting positive wellbeing and enforcing safe working practices across the whole Group. This is to ensure we protect everyone involved via protective and safety workwear, up-to-date training and detailed policies and procedures.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation. We do this by eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce.

Looking for your Next Career Step?

As a company, we continue to grow year on year so are always looking out for talented and high skilled people. Click on the button below to discover and learn about what exciting job opportunities we have available across the Group.

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