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Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap



All organisations in the UK with more than 250 employees are required to publish details of their gender pay gap and in particular the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings. The figures for the Thomas Armstrong Group are as follows:

Mean gender pay gap = 3.3%

Median gender pay gap = 23.3%

The figures in respect of bonus are as follows:

Mean bonus gender pay gap = 86.2%

Median bonus gender pay gap = 86.2%

Percentage of male and female staff who received a bonus = 69.5% and 75.8%

The proportion of male and females in each pay quartile:

For comparison, the workforce is 12% female, 88% male overall.

Gender pay gap is different to equal pay and shows the difference in average pay between men and women. The data shows that females continue to be over represented in roles in the lowest pay quartiles and underrepresented in the top 3 quartiles, in particular the upper middle and upper quartile. The construction industry continues to employ significantly greater numbers of men compared to women.

Our gender pay gap is not because women earn less than men in similar roles but because there is a greater number of men within senior positions within the group. We continue to see a greater proportion of female staff employed in office based administration roles and fewer employed in technical and commercial roles and we need to attract more women into these roles. There is a need to liaise with local schools and colleges to change the misconception of the construction industry

Thomas Armstrong is committed to working towards closing and eliminating our gender pay gap. This will not be a quick process however there are a number of actions which will be taken in future recruitment which will go some way to addressing this.

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