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Concrete Blocks - New Literature and Redesigned Website

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We have now published brand new, highly detailed and up to the minute literature for our concrete blocks range and have also redesigned the Concrete Blocks section of our website to make navigation an easier and more user friendly experience as well as increasing significantly the product and technical content.


  Our new Concrete Blocks brochure contains a wealth of product and technical detail for our range accompanied by new, standalone datasheets for each of our block grades. These 2-sided datasheets not only contain the main technical and physical properties of the product but also gives detail on acoustic, thermal and other technical aspects as well as detailing correct mortar mixes and other good practice recommendations.
Furthermore we have published a brochure of u-value solutions containing over 900 individual calucations. These cover most common masonry wall and suspended block & beam floor constructions and shows how certain target u-values can be met using a particular block and wall type combination.

We have included a section on CE marking because as of 1st July 2013 all blocks will have to be CE marked in compliance with the Construction Products Regulations 2011. As of 1st July, this section will contain the necessary CE information and Declarations of Performance for our products along with any other helpful information.
Our Technical Guidance section contains detailed information many topics and is being continually added to and updated with the very latest, up to the minute guidance and industry-standard recommendations.

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