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New Thomas Armstrong Website Launched!

We have redesigned and re-launched our website. The structure of our new site allows technical and product data to be more easily found, it has a cleaner, new look and a neater, more user-friendly format.

We are a 180 year old company but also recognise how critical websites are for any organisation. We were keen on making our website a much nicer experience for any visitor to use and be easier to find information about our products, services, people and locations. 

The challenge
  • We are a large organisation offering a diverse range of products and services.
  • We were challenged with producing a website that would be sutable to both our large sectors (e.g. Construction) and our smaller, more specialist sectors (e.g. Bespoke Joinery).
  • Provide as much information as possible without over-complicating things
  • Allow any visitor to see at a glance our range of products and services wherever they are in the site

We also recognise how annoying it can be to have to register and log in to some sites in order to simply to download a brochure. All literature and technical information on our site is freely available to anybody without the hassle of registering with us.

Why change the old site?

The previous version of our site contained the relevant information but visitors had to search deep within the site to find information such as technical documents, certificates and literature. Furthermore the extensive structure of our company and wide range of products and services was not made clear to the visitor.

We were keen on having our new website meet the following basic criteria:

  • A tidy, neat look
  • Easy to find documents and data
  • Regardless of which section of our site the visitor was in, they would always be able to see the other range of products and services we offer. 
New Features
  • A simple navigation control on the group homepage to take you to any division within our group.
  • A Search Box which will searchour entire website on key words entered.
  • A top horizontal menu bar in which one can access a whole range of information about our group wherever you are in the website.
  • A 'Technical Data and Specs' library which lists all pdf documents on the entire website, categorised by division and product. Within each division, only documents relevant to that division are listed on the left-hand 'Tech Specs' menu button.
  • Our 'Information Zone' section which we intend to grow and provide useful information to the casual or professional builder or merchant - in effect a 'frequently asked questions' section.
  • Within each division, a left-hand menu list including Products, Technical Specs, Latest News.
  • Within each product page, any relevant downloadable documents are listed beneath.
  • Far better location maps for each and every site within our group along with addresses and contact details.
  • A comprehensive list of key contacts for every division in the 'Our People' section of the group homepage.
  • All necessary Group policies are contained in the 'Our Policies' section. Division-specific policies can be found on the relevant divisional pages.
  • An up to date 'Careers' section in which all necessary application forms can be downloaded. 
  • 'Contact Us' forms within each division onto which documents and data can be attached if necessary, all of which will be directed straight to the right person within our group.
A continually improving and evolving site

Due to the superior software our new website uses, this site will evolve and become even more effective as time goes on.
Our website can host flash, video and audio content and we intend to use this wherever we feel that this will be of benefit to our visitors.
In addition we will grow the 'Information Zone' to give a wide range of professional advice for all visitors be they DIY enthusiasts or professional organisations.

Your opinion is essential to us

We view our website as an evolving and continually improving tool and therefore welcome any feedback on our new site. This could be to tell us what is good and bad about the site, broken links and ideas to improve things. Simply use our 'Contact Us' form from the top horizontal menu bar or click here.


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