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Airtec blocks used in luxury Spanish apartments

When British born builder Steve Breckon was looking for a suitable block to build high quality luxury apartments near Cadiz in Spain, he needed a high quality, low weight and thermally superior building block.

Despite the distance and logistics involved from delivering blocks made in North Yorkshire to Southern Spain, he decided that Airtec blocks from Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd fullfilled all of his stringent criteria in terms of performance, quality and resilience against handling damage. This resiliance has been dramatically demonstrated in the past when 50,000 blocks were sent to Saudi Arabia, all of which arrived undamaged and ready for use.

Standard shrink-wrapped packs of Airtec XL blocks, with the unique thermal conductivity value of 0.09W/mK, were sent on wooden pallets and arrived safely and undamaged in Cadiz. The builder was delighted with the blocks, found them an easy, quick and effective material to use in his apartments and helped speed up the overall building project. 

The photographs in this article show the completed apartments.

19th August 2010

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