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Modern Masonry Alliance reports gain in market share

NHBC market share statistics confirm that masonry had never secured two successive quarter gains in market share since records begun.  In 2009 this was shattered with three successive quarterly gains cumulating in a one third shift in market share in favour of masonry.

This represents a massive swing back to masonry with timber frame now 18% of the UK market.  This is despite the fact that 50% of the homes built in 2009 were in the social housing sector where timber frame enjoys a much greater overall share.

The MMA has aggressively promoted the many benefits of masonry including the facts that brick and block is 15% cheaper than timber frame, it supports the local economy and is truly sustainable.  We believe the campaign has been a key factor in changing perceptions and creating the environment where private and increase public sector house builders are turning to masonry.

The scrapping of MMC targets, an improving housing market and the proposed changes to building regulations are great opportunities for the masonry sector.

The MMA has been supportive of the work being undertaken by the Association of Chief Fire Officers and the association of British Insurers to highlight and provide evidence about the dangers of timber frame fires.  They have been particularly focused on the high rise developments under construction where some of the most notable incidents have occurred.

This has contributed to the launch of a report from the two bodies and the subsequent announcement of a public inquiry by the GLA.

A survey commissioned by CBA confirmed that 93% of respondents would prefer to live in a home built traditionally from bricks and blocks.

Over the weekend of 16th to 18th of October 2009 an ICM telephone omnibus survey was conducted with 1002 respondents.

When asked the question “if you were able to choose which type of house would you prefer to live in or buy”.

  • A house that structure was made of blocks or bricks?
  • A house that’s structure was made from timber and plywood?

The reply was 93% favourable to blocks and bricks.  When the responses were grouped in to geographic regions, gender and age there was very little variation in the result.  People want to live in a masonry home irrespective of age, gender or where they live.

The fact is that people feel safe in masonry homes, they trust them, the phrases ‘safe as houses’ and ‘put your money in to bricks and mortar’ sum up public attitudes in the UK.

93% of people prefer masonry homes.

A survey commissioned by the CBA.

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