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Investment in High Volume Roller Press to Manufacture Metal Open Web Joists

Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Limited have placed an order with AV Birch to supply the latest machine for the manufacture of metal open web joists. The open web joist system of flooring is gaining lots of new customers as it offers an engineered floor system that combines the best features of an I-Joist with an open web construction to deliver a quality product for maximum job site efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Listed below are the major features and benefits of the metal open web floor system   OPEN WEB DESIGN   Fast and simple installation of services without the need for drilling or notching.   LONGER SPANS   Longer spans are achievable in comparison to solid timber. This may eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing internal walls, thus reducing a buildings overall cost.

  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY A number of end conditions are available to the designer, including top chord supported.  Metal web joists can be designed for precisely locating bearing walls and partitions and accommodating large services.
  • REDUCED SITE WASTAGE  Bespoke design eliminates the need for site alterations. Metal open web joists also save timber resources by reducing the amount of waste timber generated during construction.
  • WIDER SPACING Fewer beams are required to complete a floor installation, reducing labour time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT  The lightweight construction allows the joist to be manoeuvred easily and safely on site, often without the need for specialist lifting equipment.
  • WIDE NAILING SURFACE Floor and ceiling application is simple and quicker.
  • SAVE MONEY  Trades work faster on site, reducing labour costs, while the necessity for intermediate load bearing walls is also reduced.
  • ENGINEERED Metal open web joists are manufactured off-site ensuring consistent quality and reliability.  The design software can create Joist designs to a variety of specifications. Thomas Armstrong (Timber) Limited are able to design, manufacture and deliver the joists to site either in loose format or as a complete floor cassette panel.

This prefabrication modular floor system can be used in both traditional and timber framed house building and in non-residential situations.  The system has already been adopted by many of the UK’s leading house builders who have found it brings improved productivity, increasing operating safety during the construction process. The floor deck surfaces can be of plywood, OSB or Chipboard. We have recently supplied a large quantity of metal open web joists to a new Housing Development at Victory Crescent, Maryport. The development required a heat recovery system and this has been incorporated with little effort, through the open sections created in the joist structure. 

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