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Airtec 'Ten' high strength aerated concrete block is now available.

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Limited are now offering an Airtec aerated block which can be used as a 10.4N/mm2 high strength block on high rise buildings. The same low weight, workability, unique thermal and dimensional properties of all Airtec products are maintained offering the building industry a high performance, sustainable and environmentally certified building product for higher strength applications.

Airtec Ten blocks are manufactured to 8.7N/mm2 but in structural calculations can be utilized as a 10.4N/mm2 strength block. This is due to Airtec products being manufactured to Category 1 attestation of conformity which allows the structural engineer to apply a lower 'partial safety factor' which results in a higher block strength for the purposes of calculation in the (now superceded) BS EN 5628 or the new Eurocode 6 building codes. 

Airtec Ten blocks are currently only available in 100mm and 140mm thick wall block formats (face size 620 x 215mm), are suitable for both traditional and thin-joint mortar construction, are ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified and as with all Airtec blocks consist of over 85% recycled raw materials.

This addition to our product range continues our push for continual improvement to a product which is already unmatched by any other in terms of thermal and dimensional specification and performance.

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