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Airtec Ten

Airtec Ten

Airtec Ten blocks are designed for high-rise applications of 3 storeys or above while maintaining superb thermal performance and low block weights. 

All Airtec products are manufactured to Category 1 attestation of conformity in accordance with the British European standard for aerated products BS EN 771-4. This category of manufacture allows the structural calculations to utilize a lower 'partial safety factor' (in both BS 5628 or Eurocode 6) which effectively increases the strength of the block for the purposes of structural calculations.

Therefore a block of 8.7N/mm2 strength can be treated as a 10.4N/mm2 strength block in structural calculations when utilizing this lower partial safety factor.  However it is not permissible to input a block strength of 10.4N into the calculation and then apply the partial safety factor which would result in an even higher effective strength. 

In common with all other Airtec blocks, they boast the very best possible dimensional tolerance category of 'Thin Layer Mortar B' (TLMB) but are perfectly suitable for conventional 10mm mortar joint construction. Airtec blocks are available in Standard texture only, smooth faced but are not intended for fair-faced use due to the natural air bubbles on the block surface.

BES 6001 Issue 3 'Excellent' rating 
  • Inner & Outer leaf of cavity walls over 3 storeys 
  • Internal partition walls
  • Part E Party Walls
  • Block and Beam Floor Infill
  • Below DPC
  • BRE Green Guide A+ rated walls
  • BES 6001 Issue 3 "Excellent" rating

Technical Properties

Physical Properties

1. Walled weight is for a single-leaf wall, plastered on both sides.
2. Sound Reduction Rw values are based on wall mass and assumes a plastered finish on both sides.
3. The block weights quoted above are approximate and include the typical additional weight from the moisture content.
4. Fire resistance periods to BS 5628-3 for a single-leaf, non-loadbearing plastered wall.

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Airtec Brochure
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