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SIM Walls

SIM Walls

SIM walls are basically a solid masonry block wall (Airtec aerated or lightweight aggregate concrete) with the insulation fixed to the exterior of the wall, rather than inside a cavity or drylined on the interior of the building.
This technique whilst being quite novel in the UK has been widely used on the continent for decades and offers the following advantages:

  • Using only 2 layers, u-values as low as 0.08 W/m²K can be easily achieved more simply, cheaply and more effectively than alternative methods!
  • An equivalent framed construction would require multiple layers of different materials expertly installed to achieve the same level of thermal insulation.
  • Zero risk of interstitial condensation (damp) occurring between layer interfaces or within cavities.
  • Very quick, flexible and simple build method. Sites can be switched on or off as required - no lead-time unlike framed alternatives.
  • No cold bridging.
  • Excellent air tighness.
  • Fully water resistant.
  • Maximises the thermal mass benefits of masonry construction which a framed alternative cannot achieve.
  • Robust, durable, easy to fix internal fittings to.
  • Can be extended onto, modified easily, unlike framed constructions.
  • Wide range of external finishes - brick slip, rendered or both.
All in all, the SIM wall is a very simple, easy means of meeting the requirements of all Code levels, right up to Code Level 6.
Read more about this simple, versatile and cost-effective technique on the leaflet to the right >>>

This leaflet uses an Airtec aerated block example (the very best u-value possible) but please be aware that traditional concrete blocks using traditional mortar can also be used.



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